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Triple S Nugget

Nugget passed and is no longer with us. He was a part of our family and is missed.

We have several of his offspring still for sale to the right buyer.


Triple S Nugget comes from the famed Triple S Morgan Ranch, Crawford, NE, breeders for decades of Morgans for use in the working cattle ranch. The horses are bred for substance, stamina, and sensibility. Nugget has proven to have inherited these qualities plus beauty and tractability with an incredibly laid­back personality. He won the 2001 National Ch. in Non-Pro Free Style Reining, as he did in 1998-99, and was third in the WC Non-Pro class. Aside from his success in the reining pen, Nugget has shown his ability to pass on the Triple S traits and his beautiful palomino color. His babies are well conformed and exhibit his great personality. We have several of his offspring for sale.



Registration  #118323

Foaled May 5, 1989

Palomino, 15 hands

Snip, BH socks



      Blackwood Correll 14266
    Triple S Red Major 28198 Cherrie 08480
  Triple S Red Wind 83571   Shawalla Major 15963
    Red Madge 017333 Red Butie 09815
Triple S Gold Eagle 106844     Verran's Laddie 8981
    Mar-Lo's Colonel Hamtramck 10729 Cyclamen 04771
  Triple S Goldusty 016717   Silverton Morgan 9960
    Lucie 010142 Iyoksica 06376
      Will Rogers 7943
    Red Correll 8299 Kate Smith 05013
  Blackwood Correll 16266   Shenandoah Red 9405
    Lady Rockwood 08468 May Rockwood 04801
Triple S Carmenita 025648     Jubilee King 7570
    Ken Carmen 7815 Heroda 04243
  Lita 08157   Found-At-Last 7240
    Cressy 05565 Pretty X 04920